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A Comprehensive list of Electronic Formulas
A List of all formulas relating to Electronics

Arduino Automated Plant Water Project
A simple but practical Arduino project to automatically water your plants, showing the usage of a 7-Segment Display, a Soild Moisture Sensor, a Temperature Sensor and a Relay.

Arduino F.A.Q
Arduino Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Arduino Introduction
Introducing you to the awesome Arduino!

Ceramic Capacitor Tag Code Values
An list of Ceramic Capacitor Value Codes

Components 102: The Resistor
An overview on how resistors and restriance work

DIY 3D Printer: The ultimate guide to building your own Prusa i3 Mk2 style 3D printer.
A guide to the components needed to build your own DIY 3D printer

Electronics 101: Atomic Structure
An explanation of the way Atoms work in from an Electronics points of view.

Electronics 102: Conductors, Insulators and Semiconductors
Learn exactly what is the difference between a semiconductor, a conductor and an insulator.

Electronics 103: Covalent Bonds
What happens when two atoms combine to form a single solid material.

Electronics 104: Conduction in Semiconductors
How does electrical current conduct in Semiconductors.

Electronics 105: P-Type and N-Type Semiconductors
Understand the difference between 'N-Type' and 'P-Type' semiconductors.

G-Code Instruction Set
A comprehensive list of G-Code commands used by 3D printers and CNC machines

Goldbach’s Conjecture Proof
Proving Goldbach’s Conjecture by Means of Prime Factorization

How to take your Electrical Appliance (Router) off the Electrical Grid in case of Eskom Load Shedding.
This is a guide on how to take an electrical appliance such as an Internet Router off the Eskom grid and powered during load shedding periods.

Leobot CNC Milling Image-To-Gcode Convertor Software Guide
This is a tutorial on how to use the free Leobot CNC Milling Image-To-Gcode Convertor Software

Providing Power to an Arduino
Options available to provide power to an Arduino is discussed here.

Revisiting Fermats Little Theorem Modular Properties of Composite Numbers with Two Prime Factors
Fermat's Little Theorem is a cornerstone of number theory, asserting that for prime numbers, raised to the power of a prime number minus one, the result is congruent to 1 modulo the prime. This theorem has profound implications in various fields, particularly cryptography. However, recent investigations have unveiled a nuanced extension of this theorem, contradicting its original scope. We present a thorough analysis of composite numbers possessing precisely two prime factors, revealing unexpected modular properties that challenge Fermat's original assertion. Through rigorous mathematical reasoning and modular arithmetic, we establish that these composite numbers exhibit distinctive congruence patterns, shedding new light on their structural characteristics. Our findings not only extend the applicability of Fermat's Little Theorem but also offer novel insights into the modular behavior of composite numbers with biprime factors. The significance of this finding is that Fermat’s Little Theorem can be extended to composite numbers.

Simple Arduino Quantum Dynamics Laser Project
Simple guide to using an Arduino with a Laser to test Quantum Dynamics of Light for yourself.

Simple Arduino RC Car/Robot
A guide to construct your own Arduino-based 2 Wheel-Drive Robot