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2KG Electric Melting Furnace/Smelter (1100C, 220V)
  • 2KG Electric Melting Furnace/Smelter (1100C, 220V)

#10010: 2KG Electric Melting Furnace/Smelter (1100C, 220V)


The 2KG Electric Melting Furnace/Smelter is a high-quality machine designed for melting and smelting metals in various applications. The furnace is capable of melting up to 2kg of metal at a time, with a maximum temperature of 1100°C.

The furnace features a compact and robust design, with a durable construction that ensures long-term reliability and performance. It is equipped with a high-quality heating element that provides fast and efficient melting, with a heating rate of up to 30 minutes.

The furnace is easy to operate, with simple and intuitive controls that allow for easy adjustment of temperature and other parameters. It is also equipped with a digital display that provides accurate temperature readings, ensuring that the user can monitor the melting process easily.

The furnace is suitable for a wide range of applications, including jewelry making, metalworking, and scientific research. It is designed to operate on 220V power, ensuring compatibility with a variety of power sources.

Safety features are also incorporated into the furnace, including over-temperature protection, ensuring that the furnace operates safely and reliably at all times.

Overall, the 2KG Electric Melting Furnace/Smelter is an excellent machine that offers high-quality performance, durability, and reliability. Its compact design and easy-to-use controls make it an ideal choice for both professionals and hobbyists, while its safety features ensure that it operates safely and reliably.



Product Details

1. Maximum temperature      220V= 2000° F (1100° C)  110V=1030° C
accessories   one tong, one crucible,and one power cord cable
melted metal  Aluminum, Copper, Gold, Lead, Silver, Sterling Silver, Tin & Zinc
2. The machine smelt quickly,melting pot of first time 30 minutes, the second is generally around 15 minutes
3. The top of the machine is made of quartz stone, which has the advantages of high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, aging resistance and so on
4. Highly modern PID module help you adjust the melting temperature accurately and monitors the actual temperature in the melting chamber at 2-second intervals so that it does not overheat or cool down. The temperature is kept constant around the melting point
5. Melting Furnace with compact design and high-quality materialsis ideal for professional use. the smelting furnace can meet the requirements of the industry and the workshop, are suitable for the processing of precious metals such as gold, silver and copper 

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2KG Electric Melting Furnace/Smelter (1100C, 220V)

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