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2-Channel ESP8266 WIFI Relay Module (5V, 2C)
  • 2-Channel ESP8266 WIFI Relay Module (5V, 2C)
  • 2-Channel ESP8266 WIFI Relay Module (5V, 2C)
  • 2-Channel ESP8266 WIFI Relay Module (5V, 2C)

#12654: 2-Channel ESP8266 WIFI Relay Module (5V, 2C)


Introducing the 2-Channel ESP8266 WIFI Relay Module, a versatile and efficient device designed for easy remote control of electrical appliances or devices. This module is equipped with an ESP-01 WIFI module and an 8-bit high-performance MCU, making it simple to configure and control the relays using a cellphone APP within the local area network (LAN).

Key features and characteristics of the module include:

  1. On-board N76E003/STM8S003 and ESP-01 WIFI module, providing reliable performance.
  2. Two operating modes:
    • Mode 1: Directly connect cell phones to the WIFI module.
    • Mode 2: Connect both cell phone and WIFI module to the same router. An additional function allows the module to act as a USB relay module when the ESP-01 is unplugged.
  3. Transmission distance:
    • In open environments, the maximum transmission distance is 100m when the cell phone connects directly to the WIFI module.
    • When both the WIFI module and cell phone are connected to the same router, the transmission distance depends on the router's signal intensity.
  4. Smartconfig technology of ESP8266 is utilized to easily configure the password for the ESP-01 module using an APP.
  5. On-board 5V, 10A / 250V AC 10A / 30V DC relay, capable of continuous operation up to 100,000 cycles. The module also features diode effusion protection and offers a short response time.
  6. Model selection and working position are indicated by LED indicators on the module for easy monitoring.
  7. The module includes a preserved UART debug interface and MCU program interface for advanced users.

With this 2-Channel ESP8266 WIFI Relay Module, you can conveniently control electrical devices remotely and efficiently, making it a valuable addition to your IoT and home automation projects.

Product Details

The board has a size of 59*40mm and serves various functions described below:

  1. Interface and Power Sources:
    • IN+ and IN-: 5V power input for the module.
    • TX and RX: UART communication interface.
    • SWIM and NRST: MCU program interface for programming the microcontroller.
    • S1: Mode selection key, with the default mode being Mode 1.
    • S2: Restore key for restoring default settings.

Indicator LEDs:

  • LED D2 and D4 (red): Relay indicators, showing the status of the relays.
  • LED D7 (red): Mode 1 indicator, indicating the current mode of operation.
  • LED D5 (blue): Mode 2 indicator, indicating the alternate mode of operation.
  • LED D6 (green): Working state indicator, with the following descriptions: (1) Off: It indicates internal self-configuration or lost connection with the router. (2) Fast blink every 0.5 seconds: The ESP-01 is waiting for the APP to configure the password for it. (3) Slow blink every 2 seconds: The whole configuration process is completed, and the ESP-01 is waiting to establish a TCP connection with the APP. (4) On all the time: The TCP connection between the ESP-01 and APP is established and operational.

Product Details

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2-Channel ESP8266 WIFI Relay Module (5V, 2C)

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