JoyStick Module KY-023 (Arduino)
  • JoyStick Module KY-023 (Arduino)

#145: JoyStick Module KY-023 (Arduino)


This asesome Joystick module allows you to control pretty much anything you wish! They are great for remote control projects, robotics, motor controlling and electronic switching.

  • There are 5 pins on board: VCC, GND, X, Y and Button. Connect the module with 5V power suppy with VCC and GND, you can read out the joystick status by X,Y and button pins.
  • When using the 5V power supply, the default analog output for X,Y is 2.5V. With the direction of the arrow, the voltage up to 5V, and the opposite direction down to 0V.

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JoyStick Module KY-023 (Arduino)

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