N35 Neodymium Ring Magnet (3mm Hole, 10mmx3mm)
  • N35 Neodymium Ring Magnet (3mm Hole, 10mmx3mm)

#149: N35 Neodymium Ring Magnet (3mm Hole, 10mmx3mm)


This Strong N35 grade Neodymium Ring Magnet is extremely strong for its size and very has many uses in electromagnetism & radio. Their main advantage is their low weight and size, which means they are easily transported and very practical to use.

  • Neodymium magnets (AKA Neo, Rare Earth, NIB, NdFeB), invented in the 1980s, are the strongest and most affordable type of rare-earth magnet. 

  • Made of an alloy of neodymium, iron and boron (Nd2Fe14B). 

  • Used in numerous applications requiring strong, compact permanent magnets, such as electric motors, hard drives, magnetic hold downs, jewelry clasps and power generation (wind & hydro turbines). 

  • They have the highest magnetic field strength and have a high coercivity (which makes them magnetically stable).
    Strong enough even to pin a A4 paper.

  • Universities or research labs sometimes request such small magnets, for instance to secure tiny parts under the microscope.

  • These magnets are incredibly strong for their small size and work great for crafts, repairs, hanging items on your fridge, etc.

Product Details

  • Grade: N35

  • Shape: round

  • Size: approx. 10*3mm

  • Hole diameter: approx. 3mm

  • Color: silver, as picture shows

  • Quantity: 5pcs


N35 Neodymium Ring Magnet (3mm Hole, 10mmx3mm)

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