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MQ Gas Sensor Carrier Board
  • MQ Gas Sensor Carrier Board
  • MQ Gas Sensor Carrier Board
  • MQ Gas Sensor Carrier Board
  • MQ Gas Sensor Carrier Board
  • MQ Gas Sensor Carrier Board

#1607: MQ Gas Sensor Carrier Board


An MQ gas sensor carrier board is a device that helps to interface an MQ gas sensor with a microcontroller or other device. The MQ gas sensor is a type of chemical sensor that can detect the presence of various gases, such as hydrogen, methane, carbon monoxide, and others. The carrier board provides a convenient way to connect the sensor to a microcontroller or other device, as well as to power the sensor and provide the necessary support circuitry.

To use an MQ gas sensor carrier board with a microcontroller, such as an Arduino, you will need to connect the board to the microcontroller using a suitable connector or set of wires. The board will typically have a set of pins or a connector for the microcontroller, as well as a connector for the MQ gas sensor. You will also need to provide power to the board and the sensor, either through the microcontroller or a separate power supply.

Once the MQ gas sensor carrier board is connected to the microcontroller, you can use the analog or digital input pins on the microcontroller to read the output of the sensor. The output of the sensor will vary depending on the concentration of the target gas in the air. You can use a lookup table or a calibration curve to determine the concentration of the gas based on the sensor output.



An MQ gas sensor is a type of chemical gas sensor that is commonly used to detect the presence of certain gases in the air. These sensors can be used for a variety of applications, such as detecting toxic gases in industrial settings, or detecting the presence of gases such as carbon monoxide or methane in homes and buildings.

A gas sensor carrier board is a type of circuit board that is designed to hold and support an MQ gas sensor. It typically provides the necessary electrical connections and power supply to the gas sensor, as well as any necessary processing or control circuitry. Some gas sensor carrier boards may also include additional features, such as a display or user interface for reading sensor data, or connectors for communicating with a computer or other external device.


Use this MQ Carrier Board if you already have an MQ gas sensor without a module or if in need of a simple carrier board for usage with 

MQ3 MQ2 MQ4 MQ5 MQ7 MQ9 MQ6 MQ8 MQ135


Product Details

MQ Carrier Board without any MQ sensors

Product Details

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MQ Gas Sensor Carrier Board

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