Mini 3D Printer (Not Recommended)
  • Mini 3D Printer (Not Recommended)

#1619: Mini 3D Printer (Not Recommended)



This product is NOT recommended for purchase for any serious 3D printing. The base is extremely flimsy and may not be disturbed during prints.  This is mainly because the plastic frame is extremely thin and loose. It may look sturdy in the picture but it is not.

Please consider our other 3D printers for better value for money. 

Below is what the manufacturer says although it took us nearly a day to get the printer assembled. 


1 It's easy to install. 15 minutes to get assembled. The unit can be assembled with a dozen or so of screws.

2 Support the offline printing. You can operate it via USB or SD card. You don't need to connect it to the computer. 

3 The lightweight body allowes you to carry it at anywhere!

4 The official community offers a rich 3D model.

5 High-precision nozzle of 0.4mm makes every detail to be perfected.

6 Low power consumption and energy saving!

Product Details


Product Type: 101 HERO PYLON

Printing technology: FDM

Host Material: Steel ABS

XYZ Bearings: Steel

Print Size: 100*100mm

Print accuracy : 0.1mm

Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm

Material Diameter: 1.75mm

Machine Dimension: 260*240*300mm

Power Supply: 20W

Operating System: WIN7 and above, MAC OS, LINUX


Mini 3D Printer (Not Recommended)

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