Waterproof Ultrasonic Range Finder Module (JSN + B02)
  • Waterproof Ultrasonic Range Finder Module (JSN + B02)

#1629: Waterproof Ultrasonic Range Finder Module (JSN + B02)


This an excellent, professional-grade waterproof Ultrasonic Range Finder module for Arduino. It has a good performance and almost the same in usage as the common HC-S04 module.
Compared to the SR04T module, this module is easier to install and waterproof.


Small size, easy to use
Low voltage, low power consumption
High accuracy
Strong Anti-Jamming
Integrated with wire enclosed waterproof probe, suitable for wet, harsh measurement conditions


Product Details

Working voltage: DC 5V
Static working current: 5mA
Working current: 30mA
Acoustic emission frequency:40KHz
Wiring: +5V(positive); Trig(control); Echo(receive); GND(cathode);


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Waterproof Ultrasonic Range Finder Module (JSN + B02)

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