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Winbo 3D Printing Pen (Stereoscopic Doodle Pen)
  • Winbo 3D Printing Pen (Stereoscopic Doodle Pen)

#1637: Winbo 3D Printing Pen (Stereoscopic Doodle Pen)


Use this awesome low-cost 3D Doodling Pen to create 3D objects at the stroke of a pen! This child-friendly (under supervision) is a great educational toy to help developing a sense of creativity from early on. The 3D Pen can also be used by adults for either doodling, technical drawings and prototype development projects.

A drawing template book is included as well as 3 different colours of Winbo 1.75mm Diameter, 10-Meter filaments (PLA plastic) to get started with.

Product Details

Uses 1.75mm PLA Plastic

190 Degrees Celsius Heating


Product Details

Est. Packaging Size Specifications



DIY 3D Printer: The ultimate guide to building your own Prusa i3 Mk2 style 3D printer.
A guide to the components needed to build your own DIY 3D printer

G-Code Instruction Set
A comprehensive list of G-Code commands used by 3D printers and CNC machines


Winbo 3D Printing Pen (Stereoscopic Doodle Pen)

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