LCD Adapter Plate I2C (LCD1602)
  • LCD Adapter Plate I2C (LCD1602)

#1638: LCD Adapter Plate I2C (LCD1602)


Use this adaptor to interface with LCD screens with ease from your Arduino.

Product Details

  • 1. Size: 41.5 mm (length) * 19 mm (width) * 15.3 mm (high)
  • 2. Weight: 5 g
  • 3. PCB color: black
  • 4. The power supply voltage: 2.5-6 v
  • 5. Support the I2C protocol
  • 6. Take a backlight power control, can be set through the jumper cap whether backlight power supply connection. On jumper cap to connect the backlight power supply, unplug jumper cap to disconnect the backlight power supply
  • 7. Contrast can be adjusted, rotate blue potentiometer, enhance the clockwise and counterclockwise. Potentiometer design on the front, convenient customer adjust freely anytime and anywhere
  • 8. The module can cascade, maximum cascade eight. Through the short circuit A0 / A1 / A2 modify device address. The default address 0 x27


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LCD Adapter Plate I2C (LCD1602)

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