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LCD Adapter Plate I2C (LCD1602)
  • LCD Adapter Plate I2C (LCD1602)
  • LCD Adapter Plate I2C (LCD1602)
  • LCD Adapter Plate I2C (LCD1602)
  • LCD Adapter Plate I2C (LCD1602)

#1638: LCD Adapter Plate I2C (LCD1602)


Use this adaptor to interface with LCD screens with ease from your Arduino.

An LCD adapter plate I2C (LCD1602) is a type of adapter that is used to connect an LCD (liquid crystal display) module to a circuit board using the I2C (Inter-Integrated Circuit) protocol. I2C is a type of communication protocol that is commonly used in electronic devices to allow components to communicate with each other over a two-wire interface.

The LCD adapter plate I2C (LCD1602) is a specific product that is designed to connect an LCD module to a circuit board using the I2C protocol. The adapter plate is typically used to connect an LCD module such as the LCD1602, which is a specific type of LCD module that has a display size of 16 characters by 2 lines. The adapter plate has a set of pins that are connected to the circuit board, and it has a connector that allows the LCD module to be plugged into it.

LCD adapter plates I2C are commonly used in a variety of applications, including in electronic devices, automotive systems, and industrial equipment. They are used to connect LCD modules to circuit boards, allowing the device to display information and interact with the user. Some possible applications for the LCD adapter plate I2C (LCD1602) include use in electronic devices, automotive systems, and industrial equipment, where it is necessary to connect an LCD module to a circuit board using the I2C protocol. It is important to note that the adapter plate may be potentially hazardous if it is mishandled or damaged, and it is important to follow proper safety guidelines when working with it.

Product Details

  • 1. Size: 41.5 mm (length) * 19 mm (width) * 15.3 mm (high)
  • 2. Weight: 5 g
  • 3. PCB color: black
  • 4. The power supply voltage: 2.5-6 v
  • 5. Support the I2C protocol
  • 6. Take a backlight power control, can be set through the jumper cap whether backlight power supply connection. On jumper cap to connect the backlight power supply, unplug jumper cap to disconnect the backlight power supply
  • 7. Contrast can be adjusted, rotate blue potentiometer, enhance the clockwise and counterclockwise. Potentiometer design on the front, convenient customer adjust freely anytime and anywhere
  • 8. The module can cascade, maximum cascade eight. Through the short circuit A0 / A1 / A2 modify device address. The default address 0 x27

Product Details

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LCD Adapter Plate I2C (LCD1602)

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