RGB LED Module (KY-016 FZ0455)
  • RGB LED Module (KY-016 FZ0455)

#1648: RGB LED Module (KY-016 FZ0455)


  • RGB LED module LED is made of a plug-in full-color, by R, G, B three-pin PWM input voltage can be adjusted in three primary colors (red / blue / green) strength in order to achieve full color mixing effect. Control module with cool lighting effects can be achieved.
  • Product parameters:
  • Use plug-in full-color LED
  • RGB tricolor limiting resistor to prevent burn
  • Three primary colors can be mixed to get different colors by adjusting the PWM
  • Can interface with a variety of microcontrollers
  • Operating voltage: 5V
  • LED drive mode: common cathode drive

Product Details

  • the use of plug-in full-color LED
  • RGB trichromatic limiting resistor to prevent burnout
  • through the PWM adjusting three primary colors can be mixed to obtain different colors
  • with a variety of single-chip interface
  • the working voltage: 5V
  • LED drive mode: common cathode driver

More information and example code for the KY-016 Arduino RGB LED Module can be found at: https://tkkrlab.nl/wiki/Arduino_KY-016_3-color_LED_module 


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RGB LED Module (KY-016 FZ0455)

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