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Solar-Powered Boat DIY Kit
  • Solar-Powered Boat DIY Kit
  • Solar-Powered Boat DIY Kit
  • Solar-Powered Boat DIY Kit
  • Solar-Powered Boat DIY Kit
  • Solar-Powered Boat DIY Kit
  • Solar-Powered Boat DIY Kit
  • Solar-Powered Boat DIY Kit
  • Solar-Powered Boat DIY Kit
  • Solar-Powered Boat DIY Kit

#1658: Solar-Powered Boat DIY Kit


Introducing the Solar-Powered Boat DIY Kit - the perfect way to learn about renewable energy and explore the science of motion on water. This kit contains all the materials you need to build your own solar-powered boat and watch it glide across the water using the power of the sun.

The kit includes a solar panel, motor, propeller, and all the necessary hardware to assemble your boat. With easy-to-follow instructions, building your own solar-powered boat is simple and fun. Once you have completed your boat, simply take it out to a pool, lake, or pond on a sunny day and watch as it moves effortlessly across the water.

Not only is this kit a fun and engaging activity, but it also teaches valuable lessons about sustainable energy and its applications. By using solar power to propel the boat, you are reducing your reliance on fossil fuels and helping to create a more sustainable future.

The Solar-Powered Boat DIY Kit is perfect for anyone interested in science, engineering, or renewable energy. It's a great educational tool for students, teachers, and hobbyists alike. The kit also makes a great gift for anyone interested in sustainable living or outdoor activities.

The Solar-Powered Boat DIY Kit is environmentally friendly, easy to use, and a great way to spend time outdoors with friends and family. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn about renewable energy while having fun on the water. Order your Solar-Powered Boat DIY Kit today and start exploring the power of the sun!



This kit contains everything needed to build your own solar powered boat. It absorbs power from the sun through the usage of solar panels and then distributes this energy to provide power to turn the motors. Attached to the motors are large wheel-type propellers.

This kit includes 2 panels, 2 motors, 2 propellers, a thick foam base and an instruction manual (in Chinese but with pictures).

It is a great educational gift for children, inventors and hobbyists alike. 


Product Details

Specifications :
Length  : 15cm
Width    : approx 13cm
Height   :  8cm
Weight  : approximately 80g
Power source : solar energy
Drive  mode : around 2 rounds
Materials:  foam board ,plastic ,small motors,small solar panels 

Product Details

Est. Packaging Size Specifications



Solar-Powered Boat DIY Kit

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