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1-Channel Solid State Relay (SSR) High Level Trigger
  • 1-Channel Solid State Relay (SSR) High Level Trigger

#1659: 1-Channel Solid State Relay (SSR) High Level Trigger


A 1-channel solid state relay (SSR) is an electronic switching device that allows you to control the flow of electrical current in a circuit using a low-power input signal. It consists of a control input, which is used to trigger the relay, and an electrical output that can be used to switch a load, such as a motor or an LED. SSRs are called "solid state" because they do not have any moving parts and are typically more reliable than traditional electromechanical relays.

A high level trigger SSR is activated when the control input is at a high voltage level. The specific voltage level that triggers the relay will depend on the design of the SSR. For example, some SSRs may be activated when the control input is at a voltage level of 3.3V or higher, while others may require a higher voltage to trigger the relay.

SSRs are commonly used in a variety of applications where it is necessary to switch electrical loads remotely or automatically. For example, they may be used to control the power supply to a motor in an automated system, or to switch an LED on or off in response to a sensor input.



  • Input Power: 5V DC (160MA)
  • Input control signal voltage:
  • (0-1.5V state low relay ON)
  • (2.5-5V state high relay OFF)
  • Voltage Current: 12.5mA
  • Trigger Voltage:0-1.5V
  • Trigger Current:2mA
  • Voltage:5V
  • Quiescent Current:0mA

Module interface:
Input section:
DC +: positive power supply (by relay voltage power supply)
DC-: connect power negative
CH: Relay module signal to trigger the end (low to trigger effective)

NOTE: Power must be DC Voltage, voltage must be consistent with the relay voltage

(0-2.5V low state relays ON)
(3.3-5V state high relay OFF)

Product Details

  • Size: 25 * 34 * 25 (L * W * H)
  • Weight: 13g

Product Details

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1-Channel Solid State Relay (SSR) High Level Trigger

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