MOSFET Relay Module (0-24V Mosfet IRF520)
  • MOSFET Relay Module (0-24V Mosfet IRF520)

#204: MOSFET Relay Module (0-24V Mosfet IRF520)


This module Mosfet Relay Driver Module, HCMODU0083, is an Arduino breakout board for the IFR520 MOSFET transistor.

The module is designed to switch heavy DC loads from a single digital pin of your Arduino. It can be used to control motors, switch on/off devices and in many other applications involving automation. 

It is capable of delivering output voltage of up to 24V at a maximum of 5A load draw.

It is extremely easy to use.


Using an IRF520 power MOS, you can adjust the output PWM drive up to 24V allows loads such as LED lights, dc motors, micro pumps, solenoid valves.
Relay PWM can be used to dim LEDs and also control the speed of motors.
Note: The driver must be used with a Heatsink if more than 1A is required to pass through the Mosfet Driver to ensure the driver does not overheat after long periods of usage.

Product Details

Dimensions: 33 * 24mm
Weight: 10g
Voltage: 3.3V, 5V
Ports: Digital Level
Output load voltage: 0-24V
Output load current: <5A (1A or more need to add heat sink)
Platform: , MCU, ARM, Raspberry Pi


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MOSFET Relay Module (0-24V Mosfet IRF520)

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