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Mini Breadboard (400 Tie-Points)
  • Mini Breadboard (400 Tie-Points)

#206: Mini Breadboard (400 Tie-Points)


A mini breadboard is a type of electronic prototyping tool that is used to build and test circuits. It consists of a plastic base with a grid of holes, or tie points, that can be used to connect electronic components.

The mini breadboard is typically used to build temporary circuits for testing or prototyping purposes. It is a convenient tool that allows you to quickly and easily build and modify circuits without the need for soldering. The tie points on the breadboard can be used to connect components by inserting the leads of the components into the holes and using jumper wires to connect them together.

The mini breadboard is a widely used tool in electronic projects, and it is particularly useful for building and testing small circuits. It is often used in combination with microcontrollers, such as the Arduino, and other electronic components to build and test prototypes or small projects.


This is a high-quality min breadboard with 400 holes (and 8.5CM x 5.5CM in size).

Perfect low-cost solution to get started building your own circuits immediately. Simply plug in the components!

With 400 pins you will be able to build most circuits and always have the option to interconnect multiple breadboards into one large breadboard.

Remember to also purchase jumper cables (male-to-male) if this is your first ever breadboard.

Product Details

8.5CM x 5.5CM

400 Tie-Point

Product Details

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Mini Breadboard (400 Tie-Points)

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