KY-005 Infrared Emission/Transmitter Module (Arduino)
  • KY-005 Infrared Emission/Transmitter Module (Arduino)

#209: KY-005 Infrared Emission/Transmitter Module (Arduino)


Infrared (IR) Transmitter perfect for Arduino.

  • Infrared emission control, also known as infrared emitting diodes It can be directly converted into electrical energ.
  • Light (black light), and can radiate out of the light emitting device is mainly used in various photoelectric switches and remote control transmitter circuit. Infrared emission control structure, principles and common light-emitting diodes are similar, but different semiconductor materials used. Typically gallium arsenide is used for  Infrared emitting diodes, (GaAs), gallium aluminum arsenic (GaAlAs) and other materials.

Product Details

Forward voltage low-power transmitting tubes: 1.1-1.5V, current 20ma, the power of the forward voltage: 1.4-1.65V 50-100ma, high-power launch tubes for the forward voltage:. 1.5-1.9V200-350ma Yu Electronic make 1-10W power infrared emission control can be applied to infrared surveillance lighting.


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KY-005 Infrared Emission/Transmitter Module (Arduino)

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