Voltage Sensor Module (0-25V)
  • Voltage Sensor Module (0-25V)

#229: Voltage Sensor Module (0-25V)


This module is based on a Voltage Divider and can reduce the voltage of the input terminal connection up to five times while indicating a relative analog voltage up to 5V.

If 3.3V is used as the power source from the Arduino then the input voltage must not exceed 16.5V (3.3Vx5).

Example Code:
#include <Wire.h>
int val11;
int val2;
void setup ()
 pinMode (LED1, OUTPUT);
 Serial.begin (9600);
 Serial.println ("Emartee.Com");
 Serial.println ("Voltage:");
 Serial.print ("V");
void loop ()
 float temp;
 val11 = analogRead (1);
 temp = val11 / 4.092;
 val11 = (int) temp; //
 val2 = ((val11% 100) / 10);
 Serial.println (val2);
 delay (1000);

Product Details

Input voltage range: DC0-25V
Voltage detection range: DC0.02445V-25V
Voltage analog resolutions: 0.00489V
DC Input: positive terminal connected to VCC, GND negative pole
Output interface: "+" then 5 / 3.3V, "-" then GND, "s" then the AD pin


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Voltage Sensor Module (0-25V)

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