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MT3608 DC-DC Boost Module 2A (Step Up Power Supply)
  • MT3608 DC-DC Boost Module 2A (Step Up Power Supply)

#250: MT3608 DC-DC Boost Module 2A (Step Up Power Supply)


The MT3608 DC-DC boost module is a type of electronic circuit that can convert a lower voltage DC input to a higher voltage DC output. It is commonly used to step up the voltage of a battery or other low voltage DC power source. The module has a maximum output current of 2 amps and can be used to power devices that require a higher voltage than the input voltage. It is important to note that the output current will be limited by the power rating of the module. It is also important to ensure that the input and output voltages and currents are within the rated limits of the module to prevent damage.


Product features:
1. The maximum output current: 2A

2. The input voltage: 2V and 24V
3. The maximum output voltage: > 5V - 28V
4. Efficiency: > 93%

Product Details

1. The input voltage should not exceed the maximum input voltage
2. The peak current and output current is not more than 2A
3. When a module, to adjust output voltage can't always equals the input voltage, please counterclockwise potentiometer more than 20 laps, and then use the module can be normal to adjust the voltage.Regulating method: potentiometer in the face of the chest, inverse clock turn booster!

Product Details

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MT3608 DC-DC Boost Module 2A (Step Up Power Supply)

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