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XR2206CP 0.01Hz-1MHz Monolithic Function Generator IC (DIP16)
  • XR2206CP 0.01Hz-1MHz Monolithic Function Generator IC (DIP16)

#2678: XR2206CP 0.01Hz-1MHz Monolithic Function Generator IC (DIP16)


The XR-2206 is a monolithic function generator integrated circuit capable of producing high quality sine, square, triangle, ramp, and pulse waveforms of high-stability and accuracy. The output waveforms can be both amplitude and frequency modulated by an external voltage. Frequency of operation can be selected externally over a range of 0.01Hz to more than 1MHz. 

The circuit is ideally suited for communications, instrumentation, and function generator applications requiring sinusoidal tone, AM, FM, or FSK generation. It has a typical drift specification of 20ppm/°C. The oscillator frequency can be linearly swept over a 2000:1 frequency range with an external control voltage, while maintaining low distortion.

Uses include:

  • Waveform Generation
  • Sweep Generation
  • AM/FM Generation
  • V/F Conversion
  • FSK Generation
  • Phase-Locked Loops (VCO)

Product Details

  • Low-Sine Wave Distortion, 0.5%, Typical
  • Excellent Temperature Stability, 20ppm/°C, Typ.
  • Wide Sweep Range, 2000:1, Typical
  • Low-Supply Sensitivity, 0.01%V, Typ.
  • Linear Amplitude Modulation
  • TTL Compatible FSK Controls
  • Wide Supply Range, 10V to 26V (18V recommended for optimal operation)
  • Adjustable Duty Cycle, 1% TO 99%
  • DIP-16

Product Details

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XR2206CP 0.01Hz-1MHz Monolithic Function Generator IC (DIP16)

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