500g-10kg Thin Film Pressure/Force Sensor (RFP-602)
  • 500g-10kg Thin Film Pressure/Force Sensor (RFP-602)

#2684: 500g-10kg Thin Film Pressure/Force Sensor (RFP-602)


The principle of the pressure sensor test is to apply the stress applied in the sensing area of the sensor film into the change of the two-line resistance value, and obtain the external stress change information according to the calibration curve of the stress-resistance. The greater the stress, the lower the sensor output resistance.
Scope of application:
Can be used for geotechnical engineering triaxial test earth pressure test, sample pressure distribution test, bionic robot foot under the ground sensing, mammalian bite force test biological experiments and other industrial fields.

Product Details

2.Sensitive Area Diameter:10mm 
3.Measuring Range:500g-10kg
4.Material:PE insulating plate 
5.Operating Principle:transform the stress exerted on sensitive area into two-line resistance variation;according to declared relationship between the stress and resistance can obtain stress changing information from outside;the more the stress is,the lower the sensor output resistance 
6.Applications:Applications:for test soil pressure measurement,test material pressure distribution measurement (not recommend to use in fields which needs to teat precise pressure)


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500g-10kg Thin Film Pressure/Force Sensor (RFP-602)

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