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LCD Screen & Keypad Arduino Shield (LCD1602)
  • LCD Screen & Keypad Arduino Shield (LCD1602)
  • LCD Screen & Keypad Arduino Shield (LCD1602)
  • LCD Screen & Keypad Arduino Shield (LCD1602)
  • LCD Screen & Keypad Arduino Shield (LCD1602)
  • LCD Screen & Keypad Arduino Shield (LCD1602)
  • LCD Screen & Keypad Arduino Shield (LCD1602)

#2691: LCD Screen & Keypad Arduino Shield (LCD1602)


An LCD screen and keypad Arduino shield is a board that plugs directly on top of an Arduino development board and provides a 16 character by 2 line display and a 5 button keypad for input. This type of shield is commonly used to provide a user interface for Arduino projects.

To use an LCD screen and keypad Arduino shield, you will need to install a library for the shield and then use the functions provided by the library to communicate with the display and keypad. The library will provide functions for controlling the display, such as setting the cursor position, printing text, and clearing the screen, as well as functions for reading input from the keypad.



This great Arduino shield contains an LCD screen and a keyboard. It is perfect for those new to Arduino.
1 VSS Power Ground 9 D2 Data
2 VDD Power Positive 10 D3 Data
3 VL liquid crystal display bias 11 D4 data
4 RS Data / Command Select 12 D5 data
5 R / W R ​​/ W Selects 13 D6 data
6 E Enable signal 14 D7 data
7 D0 Data 15 BLA Backlight Positive
8 D1 Data 16 BLK Backlight negative
1 feet: VSS for the ground power.
2 feet: VDD 5V power supply is connected.
3 feet: VL for LCD contrast adjustment side, then the power supply is the weakest contrast, grounding contrast
Maximum, high contrast will produce "ghosting", can be used when a 10K potentiometer to adjust the contrast.
4 feet: RS for the register selection, select the high data register, low when the instruction select register.
5 feet: R / W for the read and write signal lines, high when the read operation, low when the write operation. When RS
And R / W together for the low level can be written to the instruction or display address, when the RS is low when the R / W is high
Can read busy signal, when RS is high level R / W is low level can write data.
6 feet: E-side is enabled, when the E-level jump from high to low, the LCD module to execute the command.
7 to 14 feet: D0 ~ D7 for the 8-bit bi-directional data lines.
15 feet: backlight cathode.
16 feet: backlight negative.

1602LCD the instructions:

1602 LCD module internal controller a total of 11 control instructions, as shown in the table below:
 No. Instruction RS R / W D7 D6 D5 D4 D3 D2 D1 D0
1 Clear screen 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1
2 Cursor Return 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 *
3 Set input mode 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 I / D S
4 Display On / Off Control 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 D C B
5 Cursor or character shift 0 0 0 0 0 1 S / C R / L * *
6 Set Function 0 0 0 0 1 DL N F * *
7 Set character generation memory address 0 0 0 1 Character generation memory address
8 Set data memory address 0 0 1 Display data memory address
9 Read busy flag or address 0 1 BF counter address
10 Write to CGRAM or DDRAM) 1 0 Data to be written
11 Read data from CGRAM or DDRAM 1 1 Read the data contents
1602 LCD module read and write operations, the screen and cursor operations are programmed through the instructions to achieve. (Note: 1 is high, 0 is low)

Product Details

Instruction 1: Clear display, instruction code 01H, cursor reset to address 00H.
Command 2: The cursor is reset and the cursor returns to address 00H.
Instruction 3: Cursor and display mode setting I / D: Cursor moving direction, high level shifting to the right, low level moving left S:
All text on the screen moves left or right. High level means active, low level is invalid.
Command 4: Display switch control. D: control the overall display on and off, said high-open display, low power
Flat display off display C: control cursor on and off, high means that there is a cursor, low level that no cursor B: control
Whether the cursor is flashing, high level flashing, low level does not flicker.
Instruction 5: Cursor or display shift S / C: Moves the displayed text at high level, and moves the cursor at low level.
Instruction 6: Function setting command DL: 4-bit bus at high level, 8-bit bus at low level N: Low power
Usually single-line display, high-level double-line display F: low level display 5x7 dot matrix characters, high level display
5x10 dot matrix characters.
Command 7: Character generator RAM address setting.
Instruction 8: DDRAM address setting.
Instruction 9: Read busy signal and cursor address BF: Busy flag, high level means busy, then module can not connect
Command or data received, if the low level that is not busy.
Command 10: Write data.
Command 11: Read data.
 Compatible with the HD44780 chip timing table is as follows:
Read status input RS = L, R / W = H, E = H Output D0-D7 = Status word
 Write command input RS = L, R / W = L, D0-D7 = Instruction code, E = High pulse output None
Read data input RS = H, R / W = H, E = H output D0-D7 = data
Write Data Inputs RS = H, R / W = L, D0-D7 = Data, E = High Pulse Output None

Product Details

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LCD Screen & Keypad Arduino Shield (LCD1602)

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