DT-182 Mini Digital Multimeter
  • DT-182 Mini Digital Multimeter

#270: DT-182 Mini Digital Multimeter


This nini digital multimeter with overload protection is a handy tool to have around at all times. 

It is small, lightweight and can fit into a large wallet, small carry bag or purse.  Even though it is a thin & compact design, it is just a bit too thick to fit into a normal sized wallet.



Product Details


DCV: 200m-2000m-20-200-500V              ±0.5%

ACV: 200-500V                                        ±1.0%

DCA: 2000u-20m-200mA                          ±1.8%

Resistance: 200-2000-20K-200K-2000KΩ   ±1.0%


LCD size: 35x14mm

MAX display: 1999

Low battery indication: yes

Overload protection: yes

Diode test: yes

Continuity buzzer test: yes

Transistor test: yes

Battery test: 1.5V/9V

Power supply: one 12V 23A battery

Product size: 100x50x23mm

Product weight: about 53g


DT-182 Mini Digital Multimeter

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