Arduino Nano V3 (CH340)
  • Arduino Nano V3 (CH340)

#2717: Arduino Nano V3 (CH340)


Please note that due to the current "global chip shortage", the prices for Arduino Unos, Nanos and Megas have nearly doubled. We will lower the price again as soon as the prices from our suppliers are back to normal.

The Arduino Nano is similar to the Arduino Uno in as far as it provides you with great potential to build awesome devices but, is more compact. The Aruino Nano is designed to fit in small locations, has all the onboard components to keep it running without the bulk of a big PCB. 

Based on the ATmega328 microcontroller, the breadboard-friendly Arduino Nano offers a total of 14 digital I/O channels, 6 of which are PWM I/O, as well as 8 analog inputs. The board runs at 16 MHz clock speed and utilizes 32kB of flash memory – with 2KB reserved for operating the bootloader. 

1.12 digital input / output port D2 to D13
2.8 analog inputs A0 ~ A7
3.1 pairs TTL level serial transceiver port RX / TX
4.6 PWM port , D3 , D5, D6, D9 , D10 , D11
5. Atmel ATmega328P - AU MCU
6 USB download and power
7. Support the external 5V ... 12V DC power supply
8. To support 9V battery powered
9 support ISP download


Product Details

Package include:

1PCS X Nano board with bootloader (without USB cable) 

Ther USB driver is available here: 

If you are having problems uploading a sketch to the Arduino Nano then be sure to first update the "Arduino AVR Boards" under the menu Tools-> Board -> Boards Manager

If you still having problems then try using the "Old Bootloader" options under Tools-> Processor"

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Arduino Nano V3 (CH340)

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