4-Channel Solid State Relay (SSR) High Level
  • 4-Channel Solid State Relay (SSR) High Level

#2763: 4-Channel Solid State Relay (SSR) High Level


1, 5V  solid state relays 240V 2A, output with resistive fuse 240V 2A.
2. Size: 55 * 33 * 25 (L * W * H) Weight: 21.5g
3, the input power supply: 5V DC (160MA)
4, the input control signal voltage:
(0-2.5V low state relays ON)
(3.3-5V state high relay OFF)
High and low meanings:
High trigger finger is a signal to the trigger terminal (IN) between the negative power supply and has a forward voltage, usually with a trigger and trigger the positive terminal connected to the power supply, when the trigger end has triggered positive voltage or reach When the voltage, the relay is energized.
Low voltage trigger refers to OV, or trigger voltage lower than the voltage supply terminal positive signal to trigger the end of the negative power between low enough to trigger the voltage, so that relay, usually the A negative trigger and the trigger end of the power connection, the relay is energized.

Product Details

Input section:
DC +: positive power supply (according to the relay voltage supply)
DC-: negative one
CH1: 1 relay module signal triggering end (low to trigger active)
CH2: 2 relay module signal triggering end (low to trigger active)
Usage: 1 channel 5V 0mA 12.5mA 0-2.5V 2mA
Usage: 2-way 5V 0mA 22.5mA 0-2.5V 2mA


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4-Channel Solid State Relay (SSR) High Level

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