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Dual DC Stepper Motor Driver Controller (H-bridge L9110S)
  • Dual DC Stepper Motor Driver Controller (H-bridge L9110S)

#2788: Dual DC Stepper Motor Driver Controller (H-bridge L9110S)


A dual DC stepper motor driver controller is a device that allows you to control two DC stepper motors using an H-bridge circuit. The H-bridge is a type of circuit that allows you to drive a DC motor in both directions by applying voltage to different combinations of the motor's terminals. The L9110S is a popular choice for an H-bridge IC (integrated circuit) due to its low cost and ease of use. The dual DC stepper motor driver controller typically includes two L9110S ICs, as well as other supporting circuitry such as connectors for connecting the motors and a set of control inputs for directing the movement of the motors. It is often used in robotics and other applications that require precise, step-by-step control of DC motors.


Onboard two the L9110S motor control chip
the module can simultaneously drive two DC motors or a 4-wire 2-phase stepper motor
the 800mA continuous current output capability per channel
Low static work current
Each channel has 800mA continuous current output
Low saturation pressure drop
TTL/CMOS output level compatible, can be connected directly to the CPU
Output built-in clamping diode, apply to the perceptual load
Control and drive integrate in IC
Have pin high pressure protection function

Product Details

Working temperature: 0-80 °
Input voltage: 2.5-12V
Power supply voltage: DC2.5-12V

Product Details

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Dual DC Stepper Motor Driver Controller (H-bridge L9110S)

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