4.0 Bluetooth Module (CC2540/CC2541 HM-10)
  • 4.0 Bluetooth Module (CC2540/CC2541 HM-10)

#2802: 4.0 Bluetooth Module (CC2540/CC2541 HM-10)


Add Bluetooth communication to your Arduino projects with this module. 

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Internal Logic Level Converter


Arduino Automated Plant Water Project
A simple but practical Arduino project to automatically water your plants, showing the usage of a 7-Segment Display, a Soild Moisture Sensor, a Temperature Sensor and a Relay.

Arduino Introduction
Introducing you to the awesome Arduino!

Simple Arduino RC Car/Robot
A guide to construct your own Arduino-based 2 Wheel-Drive Robot

Arduino F.A.Q
Arduino Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

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4.0 Bluetooth Module (CC2540/CC2541 HM-10)

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