22uH Toroid Core Inductor (B02, 3A)
  • 22uH Toroid Core Inductor (B02, 3A)

#2825: 22uH Toroid Core Inductor (B02, 3A)


In general, a toroidal inductor/transformer is more compact than other shaped cores because they are made of fewer materials and include a centering washer, nuts, and bolts resulting in up to a 50% lighter weight design.[1] This is especially the case for power devices.

Because the toroid is a closed-loop core it will have a higher magnetic field and thus higher inductance and Q factor than an inductor of the same value with a straight core (solenoid coils). This is because most of the magnetic field is contained within the core. By comparison, with an inductor with a straight core, the magnetic field emerging from one end of the core has a long path through air to enter the other end.

In addition, because the windings are relatively short and wound in a closed magnetic field, a toroidal transformer will have a lower secondary impedance which will increase efficiency, electrical performance and reduce effects such as distortion and fringing.[2]

Due to the symmetry of a toroid, little magnetic flux escapes from the core (leakage flux). Thus a toroidal inductor/transformer, radiates less electromagnetic interference (EMI) to adjacent circuits and is an ideal choice for highly concentrated environments.[3]Manufacturers have adopted toroidal coils in recent years to comply with increasingly strict international standards limiting the amount of electromagnetic field consumer electronics can produce.

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22uH Toroid Core Inductor (B02, 3A)

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