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5mm Infrared Receiver Photo-diode LED
  • 5mm Infrared Receiver Photo-diode LED
  • 5mm Infrared Receiver Photo-diode LED

#2900: 5mm Infrared Receiver Photo-diode LED


The 5mm Infrared Receiver Photo-diode LED is a commonly used component in electronics and circuits that involve infrared (IR) communication or sensing. Here's some information about this component:



  • Remote Control: Used in remote control systems for TVs, audio equipment, and other devices that use IR communication.
  • Proximity Sensors: Incorporated into proximity or presence detection systems to sense the presence or absence of objects.
  • Line Following Robots: Employed in line-following robots to detect lines or markings on the surface and adjust the robot's path accordingly.
  • Security Systems: Utilized in security systems to detect motion or intruders based on changes in IR light levels.
  • Communication: Used in IR communication systems for data transmission between devices, such as between smartphones and IR-equipped appliances.


How to Use:

  1. Connect the anode and cathode leads of the photo-diode to a circuit.
  2. Apply a suitable voltage across the photo-diode, typically through a resistor to limit the current.
  3. When the photo-diode is exposed to IR light, it generates a current that can be sensed by the circuit.
  4. Depending on the application, the generated current can be used to trigger actions, provide feedback, or communicate information.



  • Ensure proper polarity when connecting the photo-diode in a circuit.
  • The response of the photo-diode to IR light may vary based on the specific model and manufacturer.


The 5mm Infrared Receiver Photo-diode LED is a versatile component that enables infrared-based communication and sensing, making it a valuable addition to various electronic projects and applications.


This diode is designed to be used as an IR receiver diode.

Product Details


IR Receiver Photodiode

5mm Infrared Receiver Photo-diode LED:

  • Type: Photo-diode with built-in infrared (IR) receiver
  • Package: 5mm diameter cylindrical package (similar to a regular LED)
  • Function: The photo-diode is a semiconductor device that responds to incident light, particularly in the infrared spectrum. It generates a small current when exposed to IR light.
  • Application: Used for receiving and detecting infrared signals, commonly used in remote control systems, proximity sensors, and other IR communication applications.
  • Sensitivity: The photo-diode is sensitive to IR light with a specific wavelength range, typically around 940nm.
  • Polarity: The photo-diode has two leads with polarity (anode and cathode), similar to a regular LED.
  • Output: When exposed to IR light, the photo-diode generates a current that can be used as a signal in various circuits.
  • Usage: The photo-diode can be connected in a circuit to detect changes in IR light intensity, which is useful for applications like object detection, motion sensing, and communication.
  • Companion Component: In IR communication applications, the 5mm Infrared Receiver Photo-diode LED can be used in conjunction with an IR LED as the transmitter. The IR LED emits IR light, which is then received by the photo-diode.

Product Details

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5mm Infrared Receiver Photo-diode LED

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