Bigfoot Rock Crawler 4WD SN170 (Steerable Front Wheels)
  • Bigfoot Rock Crawler 4WD SN170 (Steerable Front Wheels)

#2914: Bigfoot Rock Crawler 4WD SN170 (Steerable Front Wheels)


  • 1/18 full scale rock crawler car chassis
  • Super strong climbing force, 4 wheel drive and double powerful motors enable it to do stunner stunt
  • Solid frame chassis, high strength composite plastic is impact resistant to help protect the crawler
  • Rubber bighorn tire, aggressive tread design, impressive ground clearance, better grip in rock and off-road.
  • Four suspension links and springs, shockproof system and better protect the electronic components in the toy
  • High quality ABS material, super anti-throw ability.
  • A fine tuning in the crawler bottom, can adjust the direction when it is not walking in straight line.
  • A stunning off-road vehicle for indoor and outdoor use, such as in sand, small rocks, and other rugged land.

Product Details

technical parameters:
weight:387g (with cover447g)
voltage:DC 3-8v
motor inside:3
motor model:130
Product size (L x W x H): 15.500 x 26.500 x 12.500 cm / 6.102 x 10.433 x 4.921 inches 
how to use?
1.we have one motor on forward and one motor on backward, use DC 3-8V connect forward motor or backward motor or both motor.
2. for steering, it have one 130 DC motor, just connect DC3-8V, it will turn, change power direction, it will turn back.

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Bigfoot Rock Crawler 4WD SN170 (Steerable Front Wheels)

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