Servo Motor Tester (EK2-0907)
  • Servo Motor Tester (EK2-0907)

#2917: Servo Motor Tester (EK2-0907)


Test device can easily detect the clearance, jitter and median of all kinds of Servo (server)

It can easily connect the ESC and test the working status of the ESC or Motor

It can connect three sets of servo or ESC at the same time, use SCM to control with Good stability, high accuracy

Power Supply:4-5 pcs of #5 battery,ESC built-in BEC or UBEC TO Provides power to the tester.When you use the ESC with built-in BEC,No additional power supply need,connect the servo or ESC that you want to test to begin testing.

Test Mode:There are hand conditioning pulse, the neutral point output function and automatically adjust the pulse width ,you can toggle switch to select one of three models to test.when you use manual adjustment , the knob can work,you can adjust the Output pulse width or the ESC or control servo Arbitrarily.The Neutral point is used for finding the middle point of the servo.Automatically adjustsment can make the servo Rotate back and forth.

Product Details

Output: 15mA (5.0)

Input: DC 4.5 ~ 6V

Neutral point output signal: 1.5ms 0.5ms

Size: 42.5 x 24.0 x 23.5mm

Weight: 8g

Pulse width adjustment mode: automatic / manual adjustment / automatic neutral point signal output

built-in BEC or UBEC

3 Pulse width adjustment mode

15mA Output

DC 4.5 ~ 6V Input

1.5ms0.5ms Neutral point output signal

easily detect the clearance, jitter and median of all kinds of Servo


Servo Motor Tester (EK2-0907)

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