3-Axis High Precision Compass Module (AK8975)
  • 3-Axis High Precision Compass Module (AK8975)

#2926: 3-Axis High Precision Compass Module (AK8975)


This high-precision 3-axis compass is fully compatible with Arduino and will instantly add navigation capabilities to your project. An electronic compass module is essential for any autonomous robots. Luckily for us, our planet's magnetic field is simple; how would you be able to determine your robots direction if moving on something like the Sun where the magnetic fields are in constant change? As long as you are not planning to send your robot to the Sun, then you will find this compass module to be extremely useful, especially if comobined with a GPS module to determine your robot's position (on Earth!).

Product Details

Size: 24*16mm
Voltage supply: 3-5V
Communication method: IIC/SPI
Built-in A/D switch
Sensitivity: 0.3 μT / LSB type

Source code and specifications sheet can be found at https://www.i2cdevlib.com/devices/ak8975#source 


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3-Axis High Precision Compass Module (AK8975)

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