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MG995/MG996R Metal Servo Hub Horn (20mm Mounting Hole)
  • MG995/MG996R Metal Servo Hub Horn (20mm Mounting Hole)
  • MG995/MG996R Metal Servo Hub Horn (20mm Mounting Hole)

#2937: MG995/MG996R Metal Servo Hub Horn (20mm Mounting Hole)


A metal servo hub wheel is a mechanical component used in robotic and remote control applications. It is typically used in conjunction with a servo motor, which provides the rotational force to turn the wheel. The hub wheel is typically mounted on the servo motor's output shaft and is used to transmit the rotary motion of the servo to the wheel.

The metal servo hub wheel is a circular disc-shaped component with 25 teeth and a 14mm diameter. It has an M3 thread and comes with screws which can be used to attach the wheel to the servo motor. The teeth help to provide a secure connection between the servo and the wheel and also help to transmit the rotational force from the servo to the wheel.

The metal construction of the hub wheel makes it more durable and resistant to wear and tear compared to plastic hub wheels. It also offers better heat dissipation and can handle higher loads. The hub wheel is designed for high-torque, high-speed and high-precision applications.

This metal servo hub wheel with 25 teeth and 14mm diameter is suitable for many robotic and remote control projects, it is a durable and reliable option for those who need to transmit rotational force from a servo motor to a wheel. It can be used in a variety of applications, including mobile robots, remote control cars, and other types of robotic projects.



The MG995 and MG996R are metal gear servo motors that are commonly used in robotics and other applications that require precise control of angular position. These servos are equipped with a hub horn, which is a small disc-shaped attachment that can be mounted on the shaft of the servo. The hub horn is typically used to connect the servo to a load or to transmit torque from the servo to another component. The MG995 and MG996R servos have a 20mm mounting hole, which means that the hub horn can be attached to the servo using a bolt or other fastener with a 20mm diameter. These servos are known for their high torque and durability, making them well-suited for use in a variety of applications that require reliable and precise motion control.


Servo hubs are used for steering and attaching something to your servo motor. It has geared teeth and need to match your motor specifications to fit. This servo hub is designed to fit on a MG995/MG996R type servo motor. These horns  include screws and have a mounting hole diameter of 20mm.

Product Details

Material: aluminum alloy
Mounting hole spacing: 14mm
Steering wheel diameter: 20mm
Flower tooth aperture: 5.5mm
4 M3 tapping mounting holes

Screws included.

Metal Servo Arm 25T Disc x 5, M3*6 Screw x 20

Product Details

Est. Packaging Size Specifications



MG995/MG996R Metal Servo Hub Horn (20mm Mounting Hole)

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