64Pc Gear Set (M0.5)
  • 64Pc Gear Set (M0.5)

#2941: 64Pc Gear Set (M0.5)


This set of gears can bring out your inner inventor in an instant! A wide variety of gears are included in this package, all containing guide-holes for you to easily use to build the ultimate robot or invention.

Product Details

  • 9 kind of Spindle gear

  • 11 kind of Crown gear

  • 12 kind of Single gear

  • 19 kind of Double gear

  • 7 kind of Belt pulley

  • 2 kind of Worm gear

  • 2pcs Connect rack

  • 1pc Tee Axle Sleeve

  • 1pc Bevel gear


64Pc Gear Set (M0.5)

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