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KUNHEWUHUA UV Exposure Unit (48W, 260x210mm)
  • KUNHEWUHUA UV Exposure Unit (48W, 260x210mm)
  • KUNHEWUHUA UV Exposure Unit (48W, 260x210mm)
  • KUNHEWUHUA UV Exposure Unit (48W, 260x210mm)
  • KUNHEWUHUA UV Exposure Unit (48W, 260x210mm)
  • KUNHEWUHUA UV Exposure Unit (48W, 260x210mm)
  • KUNHEWUHUA UV Exposure Unit (48W, 260x210mm)
  • KUNHEWUHUA UV Exposure Unit (48W, 260x210mm)

#2942: KUNHEWUHUA UV Exposure Unit (48W, 260x210mm)


A UV exposure unit is a device used to expose photoresist materials to ultraviolet (UV) light. Photoresist is a photosensitive material that is used in the production of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and other electronic components. When exposed to UV light, the photoresist undergoes a chemical reaction that changes its properties, allowing it to be selectively etched or developed.

UV exposure units are typically used in the production of PCBs, where they are used to create the patterned layers of conductive material that make up the circuit. They may also be used in the production of other electronic components, such as integrated circuits (ICs) and thin-film devices.

UV exposure units typically consist of a light source, a mask or reticle with the desired pattern, and a stage for holding the photoresist-coated substrate. The mask or reticle is placed over the substrate and the UV light is directed onto the substrate through the mask, exposing the photoresist to the desired pattern. The exposed photoresist is then developed, etching away the areas that were not protected by the mask, leaving behind the desired circuit pattern.

UV exposure units are an essential tool in the production of PCBs and other electronic components, and they are commonly used in the manufacturing process of a wide range of electronic devices.


The UV Exposure Unit has a large 260mm x 210mm , Exposure Area which enables you to make several plates at once ,as well as larger plates. Why waste time with smaller light weight units , when with the UV Exposure Unit you can save time ,as you will be able to make several plates at once.

The power of the lamps determines the final quality and output of your printing plate. Smaller and weaker tubes will take longer and may not give you the consistency you desire.

The Post-Exposure Tray is a great feature that allows you to directly expose your plates without the glass layer between. This is often needed to finish off exposures to high quality.

Main features 
Digital Auto-Off timer with Auto-Repetition
6 UV fluorescent tubes
10.2"x8.3" exposure capacity
Heavy duty extruded steel frame
User-friendly desktop design with long-term life span 

Product Details

Exposing area: 10.2"x8.3"(260x210mm)
Voltage: 220v
Time Range: 0-550 seconds
Light power: 48W(six 8W UV fluorescent bulbs )
Machine size: 12.6".5"x4.3"(320x3178mm)
Package dimensions: 14.6".6"x5.5"
Net weight: 8.4Lb(3.8kg)
Shipping weight: 10.6Lb(4.8kg)

Product Details

Est. Packaging Size Specifications



KUNHEWUHUA UV Exposure Unit (48W, 260x210mm)

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