12V Solenoid (JF-0826B, Electromagnet)
  • 12V Solenoid (JF-0826B, Electromagnet)

#2960: 12V Solenoid (JF-0826B, Electromagnet)


This electromagnet, known as a Solonoid, can be used to create valves, stamps, pushers (car parking ticket machines) and is often found in vending machines as well as many other devices that require a small linear force.

1. Vending machines: all kinds of vending machines, exchange machines, ticket machines.
2. Office equipment: list machine, computer equipment, fax machines, punch card machines, photocopiers, typewriters, cash registers, drawing machines, open drink machine.
3. Transport equipment: automatic door locks, safety belt locks, automotive solenoid valves, parking equipment.
4. Household appliances: tape recorders, video recorders, electronic piano, automatic knitting machine, accompaniment machine.
5. Other: packaging machines, manipulators, farming equipment, stamping equipment, fire, anti-theft, water-saving solenoid valve.

Product Details

Material: Hard magnetic material
Current characteristics: DC
Current :2A
Voltage: 12V DC
Initial suction: 20 (N)
Working voltage: 24V
Rated travel: 10 (mm)

Operating conditions:
1. The operating temperature: -5 ℃ to 40 ℃ between the solenoid valve will not solidify
2. The operating humidity: relative humidity of 45% to 85% between the solenoid valve will not solidify
3. Storage temperature: -40 ℃ to 75 ℃ between the solenoid valve will not solidify
4. Storage humidity: relative humidity 0% to 95% between the solenoid valve will not solidify

 Performance to show:
Temperature rise: 65 or less (grade A) Life: Under load conditions, more than one million cycles can be used.

Test environment:
1. ambient temperature: 23 ± 2 ℃
2. relative humidity: 50 ± 10%
3. atmospheric pressure: 1013MPa
4. Insulation resistance: 500VDC insulation resistance measurement, the coil and the yoke between the need to have at least 100MΩ of the insulation resistance
5. the insulation strength: coil and yoke between the insulation strength should be able to withstand at least 600VAC / 1 minute


12V Solenoid (JF-0826B, Electromagnet)

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