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100W DC-DC Booster Step up Module (1 3-35V to 3.5~35V  LTC187, With LED Voltmeter)
  • 100W DC-DC Booster Step up Module (1 3-35V to 3.5~35V  LTC187, With LED Voltmeter)

#2982: 100W DC-DC Booster Step up Module (1 3-35V to 3.5~35V LTC187, With LED Voltmeter)


This is a DC-DC boost converter module, which is a type of power supply that converts a low-voltage DC input into a higher-voltage DC output. The module is rated for a maximum output power of 100 watts and can accept input voltages ranging from 1.3 to 35 volts, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. The module uses a Linear Technology LTC1871 boost converter IC and has an integrated LED voltmeter, which allows you to monitor the output voltage of the module. Boost converters are useful in situations where you need to increase the voltage of a DC power source, such as when you want to drive a load that requires a higher voltage than the input source can provide. Boost converters can be used in a variety of applications, including battery charging, voltage regulation, and power supply design.


The module has high power output and efficiency (up to 96%). The output can be up to 65W (and can further reach 100W when enhanced heat-transfer techniques are used such as heatsinks).

Onboard there is a voltmeter to show the input & output voltage (you can select to show input or output voltage by pressing on the button onboard). When the "IN" LED lights on, the voltmeter displays input voltage; When the "OUT" LED lights on, the voltmeter displays output voltage. You can also turn off the voltmeter LED by removing the jumper cap at "P3".

You can easily adjust voltage with the onboard potentiometer. You won't ever need to worry about using a multi-meter when adjusting step up boosting again with this module. Very convenient!!!

Product Details

1.Input Voltage:3-35V DC (Note: When input voltage is less than 4V, onboard voltmeter will not work).
2.Input Current:9A (max).
3.Output Voltage:3.5-35V DC (this board is boosting board, output voltage>=Input voltage).
4.Output Current:6A (max).
5.Output Power: 65W (when the input and output voltage greater than 20V up to 100W).
6.Conversion Efficiency: 96% (the highest).
7.Output Ripple:40mV(TYP).
8.Onboard Voltmeter Range:4-40V .


Note 1: No reverse connection protection, please pay attention to see the positive and negative input terminal.
Note 2:The power module useage requires basic electronic circuit, improper use can damage

IN+: Input Positive
IN-: Input Negative
OUT+: Output Positive
OUT-: Output Negative

This product adopts boost IC American imported and high power MOS tube, output large power, high efficiency (96%), wide working voltage, the output power reaches 65W, when the input and output voltage is above 20V, it can be achieved when the 100W output power.

Product Details

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100W DC-DC Booster Step up Module (1 3-35V to 3.5~35V LTC187, With LED Voltmeter)

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