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Metal Detector DIY Kit (DC 3V-5V)
  • Metal Detector DIY Kit (DC 3V-5V)

#2983: Metal Detector DIY Kit (DC 3V-5V)


This fiberglass board metal detector kit is simple to assemble and has many usages. Build your own custom metal detector for fun, educational or even security purposes. 
Uses: games and entertainment, security checks, searches the body for metal products (including cell phones, knives, etc.), cars detection, metal proximity alarms and more.
This metal detector can detect gold unfortunately we at Leobot Electronics have never had any gold to test this claim! 

Product Details

Supply voltage: 3-5V;
Dimensions: 66 * 61MM;
Maximum detection range: 5CM;
Package List: 
PCB board 1pcs
Buzzer 1pcs
100UF25V electrolytic capacitors 1pcs
104 ceramic capacitor 2pcs
222 polyester capacitors 2pcs
220K resistance 0.25W 1pcs
2.2K resistor 0.25W 1pcs
100 European blue potentiometer 1pcs
9018 transistor 1pcs
9015 transistor 1pcs
9012 transistor 1pcs
22AWG wire red 10CM 1pcs

Product Details

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Metal Detector DIY Kit (DC 3V-5V)

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