TFmini Micro Lidar Range Finder Module
  • TFmini Micro Lidar Range Finder Module

#2987: TFmini Micro Lidar Range Finder Module


TFmini is a single-point micro ranging module and widely used in applications such as drones, UAVs, robots and industrial equipment. It is based on the Time of Flight (ToF) principle and integrated with unique optical and electrical designs, so as to achieve stable, precise, high sensitivity and high-speed distance detection. 
*This TFmini-micro lidar module is compatible with arduino, raspberry pi, pixhawk,ect.

Product Details

Operating Range : 0.3-12m
Maximum operating range at 10% reflectivity : 5m
Applicable voltage range : 4.5-6V
Average power consumption : 0.12W
Acceptance angle : 2.3°
Communication interface : UART
Electromagnetic Compatibility(EMC):EN 55032 Class B
Baud rate:115200
Data bit:8
Stop bit:1
Parity bit:0
Minimum resolution ratio : 5mm
Frequency : 100Hz
Operating temperature : 20-60C
Light sensitivity : 70,000lux
Accuracy : 1% (less than 6m), 2% (6m-12m)
Size : 42mm * 15mm * 16mm
Weight : 6.1g
Main applications:Drone altitude holding and terrain following Machine control and safety sensor Robot distance detection


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TFmini Micro Lidar Range Finder Module

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