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DC-DC Buck Converter Step Down Module (300W,10V-40V, 20A Constant Current )
  • DC-DC Buck Converter Step Down Module (300W,10V-40V, 20A Constant Current )
  • DC-DC Buck Converter Step Down Module (300W,10V-40V, 20A Constant Current )
  • DC-DC Buck Converter Step Down Module (300W,10V-40V, 20A Constant Current )

#2998: DC-DC Buck Converter Step Down Module (300W,10V-40V, 20A Constant Current )


Introducing our powerful and efficient DC-DC Buck Converter Step Down Module, capable of handling up to 300W of power output with ease. This module is designed for those seeking a reliable and efficient power solution for their electronics projects.

With a wide input voltage range of 10V-40V, this module can handle a variety of power sources, making it ideal for use in automotive, industrial, and other high-demand applications. The module also boasts a high constant current rating of 20A, allowing it to deliver stable and consistent power to your devices.

Thanks to its advanced Buck Converter design, this module is highly efficient, converting incoming power with minimal loss, resulting in less heat buildup and longer component lifespan. It also features a built-in over-current protection circuit, ensuring the safety and reliability of your system.

Installation of the DC-DC Buck Converter Step Down Module is a breeze, thanks to its compact and lightweight form factor. Its small size makes it easy to integrate into a wide range of projects, while its sturdy construction ensures durability and longevity.

Whether you're looking to power a high-performance motor or a sensitive electronic circuit, our DC-DC Buck Converter Step Down Module is the perfect choice. With its high power output, constant current capabilities, and advanced features, you can trust it to deliver the reliable and efficient power your project needs.



With a wide input voltage range from 6V to 40V, the step-down converter can accurately adjust output voltage and current.
The efficiency can be up to 96%, measured at 20A, converting 24V to 12V.
It is designed with 75V/80A large current dual MOS tube.
Input and output use high frequency low resistance electrolytic capacitor, low ripple, stable output.
Wiring is convenient with these large current 30A screw terminals.
The buck module has 2 heat sink that could enhance heat dissipation.
When there is a big difference between input and output voltage, please decrease power and current

Product Details

Input Voltage: 6V to 40V DC(10V to 40V is suggested)
Output Voltage: 1.2V to 36V DC
Output Current: 20A(max.), 15A(suggested)
Efficiency: 95%(24V to 12V, 20A)
Output Ripple: ≤50mV
Wiring Method: Terminal
Short Circuit Protection: Self-recovery(cannot short circuit for long time)
Size: 60 x 53 x 27mm / 2.36 x 2.08 x 1.06"
VO+: Output positive
VO-: Output negative
+IN: Input positive 
-IN: Input negative
CV: Output voltage adjustment
CC: Output current adjustment
EN: Enable, low voltage level shut off output; suspension, high voltage level is effective
When input and output is common grounded, no-load CV output constant voltage,CC output constant current

Product Details

Est. Packaging Size Specifications



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DC-DC Buck Converter Step Down Module (300W,10V-40V, 20A Constant Current )

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