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High-Power Motor H-Bridge Driver  (43A, BTS7960B)
  • High-Power Motor H-Bridge Driver  (43A, BTS7960B)

#3002: High-Power Motor H-Bridge Driver (43A, BTS7960B)


This H-Bridge driver is designed for high-current usage (up to 43A) to control large motors.

A tutorial for the BTS7960B stepper motor driver can be found here: https://www.instructables.com/id/Motor-Driver-BTS7960-43A/  

Product Details

Double BTS7960 huge electric current (43A) H bridge driving
5V isolated from SCM so it can protect the SCM effectively
This module can effect motor forward and reversal, both PWM highest frequency is 25kHz
Two streams passing overheating error signal will be put out.
Power supply of isolating chip is 5V so it can be used with SCM in 5V
Pressure of electric current ranges from 5.5V--27V

Product Details

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High-Power Motor H-Bridge Driver (43A, BTS7960B)

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