LilyTiny (Miniature ATtiny85 Lilypad)
  • LilyTiny (Miniature ATtiny85 Lilypad)

#3060: LilyTiny (Miniature ATtiny85 Lilypad)


The Lilytiny is an even more compact version of the popular Lilypad. The microcontroller used by the Lilytiny is an ATtiny85.


Product Details

Dimensions: Diameter 25mm
CJMCU-ATTINY85 miniature microcontroller development board
8K Byte of In-System Programmable Program Memory Flash
512 Bytes In-System Programmable EEPROM
512 Bytes Internal SRAM
ATtiny MCU description:
Corporation (Corporation) announced that its low-power ATtiny 10/20/40 microcontroller (MCU) series, to be optimized for buttons, sliders and wheels and other touch-sensing applications. These devices include the AVR MCU and its patented low-power picoPower technology, is the ideal choice for cost-sensitive industrial and consumer electronics markets a variety of applications, such as car dashboard, LCD TVs and monitors, notebook computers, mobile phones and so on.
ATtiny MCU Series Introduction
ATtiny new microcontrollers with integrated AVR microcontrollers, and include 1KB to 4KB of flash memory, with 32 KB to 256 KB of SRAM.
In addition, these devices support SPI and TWI (with I2C- compatibility) communications, providing the highest flexibility and 1.8V to 5.5V operating voltage

ATtinyAVR using patented picoPower technology, low power consumption. Through software control system clock frequency to achieve the best balance between performance and power consumption, but also has been widely used.


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LilyTiny (Miniature ATtiny85 Lilypad)

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