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8-Channel Relay Module (5V Low-Level-Trigger )
  • 8-Channel Relay Module (5V Low-Level-Trigger )
  • 8-Channel Relay Module (5V Low-Level-Trigger )
  • 8-Channel Relay Module (5V Low-Level-Trigger )

#3077: 8-Channel Relay Module (5V Low-Level-Trigger )


8 relay output modules, relay output contacts maximum 250V 10A. Input IN1, IN2, IN3, IN4, IN5, IN6, IN7, IN8 signal line is active low. VCC, GND power input can be individually powered relay relay power input JD-VCC.

Product Details

 Using high-current relay , AC250V 10A DC30V 10A
 Contact some independent wiring , safe and reliable
 Standard interface , can be extended in a variety of development board
 With fixed screw holes for easy installation
 Suitable for a variety of platforms such as 51/AVR/AVR/ARM
1 , the module complies with international safety standards , the load control area and regional isolation tank ;
2, using double-sided FR-4 circuit board design, high-end chip production process ;
3, using loose music authentic relay control ;
4, with the relay instructions , pull off, disconnect does not shine ;
5, the signal input has a low signal , often beginning with a common terminal will be turned on ;
6 , the relay can control the various devices and the load ;
7 , 8 and 8 normally open normally closed contact ;
8 , blue KF301 terminals to the control line is more convenient.
9 , Module size : 138m * 56mm * 18.5mm ( L * W * H ) , Weight : 120g
10 with 4 fixing bolt holes , hole 3.1mm, pitch 131mm * 49.5mm
11 , finished by 100% functional testing and stability testing
Two module interface :
1, VCC: 5V power supply connected to the positive
2, GND: 5V power supply connected to the negative
3, IN1-IN8: trigger signal , active low
Relay outputs : a 12- line interface, the interface can be directly connected to all leads , user-friendly
1, NO1 - NO8: normally open relay interfaces , relay before the vacant after the pull shorted with COM
2, COM1 - COM8 Relay Common Interface
3, NC1 - NC8: normally closed relay interface relay shorted with COM ago , after the pull- vacant

Product Details

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8-Channel Relay Module (5V Low-Level-Trigger )

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