IPC-HDBK-830 PCB Etching Agent (200g)
  • IPC-HDBK-830 PCB Etching Agent (200g)

#3108: IPC-HDBK-830 PCB Etching Agent (200g)


Blue etchant instructions

1. Each bag weighs 200g ± 10g, as per the weight 1:4 adding the water

2. You can use a plastic storage box or porcelain basin as a container for the configuration solution. Do not use a metal basin.

3. In order to ensure the use effect, the temperature during etching is preferably at least 50 degrees. Therefore, the water can be heated to 100 degrees before the etchant is placed. After the etchant is dissolved, the circuit board to be etched is placed, and the container is continuously stirred during the etching, and if the operation is correct, and the etching can be completed within 5-15 minutes.

4. The solution is a clear and blue clear liquid, which will not bring yellow pollution that is difficult to remove like ferric chloride. The etching process is clearly visible and the highest precision can be easily achieved.

5. The old liquid remaining after the first etching can be reserved for the second use, and the new liquid could be changed when the effect is deteriorated.

6. Although the etchant itself is harmless, it will contain copper ions in the waste liquid, which will pollute the environment. Therefore, it is best to treat it with alkaline substances such as alkali or lime before disposal. And properly protect the environment is protect yourself

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IPC-HDBK-830 Etching Agent



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IPC-HDBK-830 PCB Etching Agent (200g)

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