Mercury Switch (5mm Diameter, F5 High)
  • Mercury Switch (5mm Diameter, F5 High)

#3120: Mercury Switch (5mm Diameter, F5 High)


Mercury switches are switched on and off according to the mercury movement encapsulated in a glass or metal case. Therefore, mercury switches have many characteristics compared with mechanical switches:

More can be used in harsh environmental conditions. Since the mercury switch is sealed and the mercury inside is isolated from the outside world, it can be used in environments with oil, steam, dust and corrosive gases.

Metal, its surface tension and weight are large, as long as a little external force causes the mercury switch to tilt, mercury can move, so that the switch can be on and off. The external force required to make the impaction is small. Mercury is the only liquid that can remain liquid at room temperature

the conductivity of mercury, mercury switch contact resistance between the electrodes is less than 100 m Ω commonly.

The maximum allowable current of the tungsten wire electrode is 10A, while the maximum allowable current of the general alloy wire is generally 1A.

Flow of mercury switches is determined by mercury gravity, so it can work reliably for a long time.

The bearing electrode contacts liquid contact without any noise.

Because mercury can flow, the mercury switch can be switched on or off as long as the acceleration is above the set value, and thus can be used as a vibration sensitive element.

Less volumetric and diverse in form, and full - seal device.

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Mercury Switch (5mm Diameter, F5 High)

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