TLP281 4-Channel Opto-isolator
  • TLP281 4-Channel Opto-isolator

#3154: TLP281 4-Channel Opto-isolator


This board is helpful for connecting digital systems (like a 5V microcontroller) to a high-voltage or noisy system. This board electrically isolates a controller from the high-power system by use of an opto-isolator IC.
This IC has four LEDs and four photodiodes built-in.
This allows the low-voltage side to control a high voltage side
We often use this board to allow a microcontroller control servos
or other motors that use a higher voltage than the TTL logic on the (3.3V or 5V) micro,
and may cause electromagnetic interferance with our system as the motors turn on and off.
This board will isolate the systems, creating a type of electrical noise barrier between devices
This breakout board uses the TLP281 optoisolator and discrete transistors to correct the logic.
Comes with four channels.
Great for use in noisy circuits where signal lines require electrical isolation
A normal LED opto-isolator will invert the logic of a signal.
We threw some transistors on this compact board to correct the inversion.
What you put into the IN pins, will be replicated on the the OUT pins, but at the higher voltage (HV)
Use examples
The following example shows how to use the microcontroller's IO port to control the 24V motor rotation. The motor operating voltage in the figure is 24V, the red "+" indicates the positive power of the motor, and the black "-" indicates the negative power supply of the motor. When the microcontroller IO_0 output high, the motor rotation, when the IO_0 port output low when the motor stops rotating.

Product Details

Use of low level control high level.
Such as the use of single chip microcomputer 3V or 5V voltage 9V or 12V voltage control
HVCC maximum not more than 24V.
Outlet OUT1 / OUT2 / OUT3 / OUT4 output current is equal to the largest HVCC / 5.1K,
maximum absorption current 500mA
Input: IN1 / IN2 / IN3 / IN4, SCM or for Ard uino IO port,
GND with single-chip microcomputer or for Ard uino board GND connection.
IN1 / IN2 / IN3 / IN4 respectively control the OUT1 / OUT2 / OUT3 / OUT4

Output: OUT1 / OUT2 / OUT3 / OUT4

Output: HVCC: Connection is control of high voltage anode,
HGND connection is control of high voltage anode
PCB Size: 25*24mm/0.98*0.94


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TLP281 4-Channel Opto-isolator

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