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Analogue Ammeter (0-5A Panel Meter)
  • Analogue Ammeter (0-5A Panel Meter)
  • Analogue Ammeter (0-5A Panel Meter)

#34: Analogue Ammeter (0-5A Panel Meter)


An analogue ammeter (0-5A panel meter) is a type of measuring instrument that is used to measure the current flowing through an electrical circuit. It is a type of ammeter, which is a device that is specifically designed to measure electric current. The analogue ammeter (0-5A panel meter) is an analogue device, which means that it displays the measured value using a physical scale and pointer, rather than a digital display.

The 0-5A panel meter is a type of ammeter that is designed to measure current over a range of 0 to 5 amperes (A). The scale on the meter is marked with the range of values that it is capable of measuring, and the pointer indicates the current value on the scale. The ammeter is connected in series with the circuit that is being measured, allowing it to measure the current flowing through the circuit.

Analogue ammeters (0-5A panel meters) are commonly used in a variety of applications, including in electrical testing and measurement, industrial control systems, and automotive and aerospace systems. They are often used in combination with other measuring instruments, such as voltmeters and ohmmeters, to troubleshoot and diagnose electrical problems. It is important to note that an analogue ammeter (0-5A panel meter) must be connected correctly in order to obtain accurate readings, and care should be taken to ensure that the current being measured does not exceed the rated range of the meter.


These analogue ammeters provide an easy way to measure the DC current in a system. They are extremely sensitive and great for educational usage.

Product Details

Model number 6L2
Accuracy level 1.5 level and 2.5 level
External dimensions 80x80x73 mm
Perforation dimensions 76 10x76 10 mm
Matched current transformer BH-0.66-30
Resistance to mechanical forces Can withstand 30m/s2 wind; Impact frequency 80-120 times/min, 2h transport bumping
Dielectric strength 2KV 50Hz for 1min
Voltage affection The measured tolerance don't exceed base tolerance when the measured value changed 15%
Work position Vertical
Operating temperature -20 to 40 °C (-4 to 104 °F)
Operating humidity 80% RH max, non-condensing

Product Details

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Analogue Ammeter (0-5A Panel Meter)

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