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Turtle Robot Arduino Starter Kit
  • Turtle Robot Arduino Starter Kit

#4173: Turtle Robot Arduino Starter Kit


The Turtle: 2WD Turtle Arduino Robotic Kit is the perfect kit to take you from beginner to intermediate while having a load of fun building a little robot buddy. Designed with simple assembly and convenient user experience as the main focuses, the Turtle Kit offers an impressive level of functionality that you can enjoy in avariety of different ways, which can also be enhanced and upgraded with a range of different sensors, actuators and other Electronics Modules and components.

The Turtle, once assembled, offers a clean layout with just the controllerboard and mounted sensor situated atop the upper fuselage, with all of the other parts tucked away between the wheels. This gives the robot a very friendly aesthetic style, while keeping all of the Electronics safe from impacts or other minor damages. Additionally, thanks to the caster wheel instead of two secondary rubber wheels, this little bot can turn 360° without moving from its place, which gives it playful movements like a little puppy-dog wanting to play.


Product Details

Included Parts:

  • 1x Arduino Uno R3

  • 1x Arduino USB Cable

  • 1x Turtle 2WD Chassis
  • 1x PH-2.0 to DC-2.2 Adapter

  • 1x Romeo BLE Arduino-Based Robot Controller

  • 1x Motor Wire

  • 2x Micro DC Geared Motors

  • 1x Power Switch

  • 1x DSS-P05 5kg Servo

  • 2x Rubber Wheels

  • 1x URM37 V4.0 Ultrasonic Sensor

  • 1x Metal Caster Wheel

  • 1x URM37 Sensor Mounting Bracket

  • 1x Magnetic USB to Micro USB Cable

  • 3x IR Sensor Mounting Brackets

  • 1x Screws Kit

  • 1x 5-Slot AA Battery Holder

  • 1x Pack of 10 F/F Jumper Wires

Product Details

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Turtle Robot Arduino Starter Kit

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