Infrared LED Light (3W)
  • Infrared LED Light (3W)

#4204: Infrared LED Light (3W)


This IR LED is designed to be used with Raspberry PI to allow for night vision recordings. It can be used without a aspberry PI as a standalone IR floodlight.

Product Details

3W high-power 850 infrared LED

Onboard photoresistor, the ambient light detector

Onboard adjustable resistor, for controlling the ambient light threshold of toggling the infrared LED

Allows adding night vision function to RPi Camera (E) or RPi Camera (F)

How to Use

Connect the Infrared LED Board to the camera PCB by screws

The screw holes are used for both attachment and power supply

Adjust the adjustable resistor to set a proper ambient light threshold, which toggles the infrared LED automatically

When ambient light is lower than threshold value, the infrared LED is on, vice vers

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Infrared LED Light (3W)

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