MG90S Metal gear Digital 9g Servo
  • MG90S Metal gear Digital 9g Servo

#4210: MG90S Metal gear Digital 9g Servo


The MG90S servo motor is very popular in robotic applications due to the small size, low cost and usage of metal gears. 

Product Details

Product Name: Metal Gear Servo

Product model: MG90s

Product weight: 13.6g

Product size: 22.8 * 12.2 * 28.5mm

Product torque: 2.0kg (4.8v)

Product speed: 0.11s (4.8v)

Rotation angle: Up to 180

Steering gear type: Digital steering gear

Working temperature: 0-55

Dead zone setting: 5 microseconds

Plug type: JR, FUTABA universal

Product structural material: Metal copper tooth, hollow cup motor, double ball bearing

Accessories include: Steering wheel, wire length 30CM, set screws, damping rubber sleeve and

Aluminum casing and other accessories (see real shot)

Scope of application: 450 electric straight rotary disc servo fixed-wing remote control aircraft


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MG90S Metal gear Digital 9g Servo

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