28khz/50W Ultrasonic Transducer (Cavitation Cleaner)
  • 28khz/50W Ultrasonic Transducer (Cavitation Cleaner)

#4282: 28khz/50W Ultrasonic Transducer (Cavitation Cleaner)


The mechanism of ultrasonic cleaning is to make use of the physical effects such as cavitation, radiation pressure and sound flow in the cleaning liquid. It can exfoliate the machinery produced by the dirt on the cleaning parts, and can also promote the chemical reaction between the cleaning liquid and the dirt, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning the object. The frequency of the ultrasonic cleaning machine can be selected by 10~500 kHz according to the size and purpose of the cleaning material, generally more than 20~50 kHz. With the increase of the frequency of ultrasonic transducer, Langerhans oscillator, longitudinal oscillator and thickness oscillator can be used. In the miniaturization aspect, radial vibration and flexural vibration are also adopted. Ultrasonic cleaning has become more and more widely used in various industries, agriculture, household equipment, electronics, automobile, rubber, printing, aircraft, food, hospital and medical research.
Ultrasonic transducers are widely used in industrial cleaning equipment, welding equipment, sewage treatment, paint, petroleum, metal powder, automobile, circuit board, medical equipment, optical glass, precision hardware, etc. Electroplating chemical industry, liquid crystal display, light industrial food industry and other fields
Purpose of use:
Cleaning, degassing, disinfection, emulsification, mixing, replacement, extraction and so on.
Scope of application:
Electronic workshop, industry, laboratory, hospital, watch shop, glasses shop, jewelry shop, mobile phone repair shop, family, etc.
Cleaning items:

Electronic products, laboratory supplies, office supplies, household goods, computer motherboards and accessories, glassware, circuit boards, automotive parts, hardware accessories, medical devices, dentures and dental equipment, clocks and watches, glasses, gold and silver jewelry, golf, shaving knives, coins, badges, tableware, bottles and fruits, etc.

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28khz/50W Ultrasonic Transducer (Cavitation Cleaner)

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